KW variant 4 coilover 2018+ BMW M5 (F90) without delete modules


KW variant 4 coilover
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Front Lowering: 0.6″ to 1.2″
Rear Lowering: 0.4″ to 1.2″

The KW Variant 4 was developed exclusively for supercars, sports cars and performance oriented sedans. With coilover struts made from stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the vehicle design, you give your super-sports car the necessary equipment to further increase the driving dynamics in everyday life. The triple-adjustable high-performance dampers combine leading race technology to allow the independent adjustment of the rebound and the low-speed and high-speed compression damping.


  • 01: Front and rear height adjustable by threaded shock bodies
  • 37: Vehicles equipped with electronic damper control: Electronic damper control needs to be disabled. Disable modules available through KW. Please check KW accessories list.
  • 411: Variant 4 struts / dampers made of aluminum or kit is a combination of aluminum and stainless steel per axle.
  • 67: Valving is adjusted by adjustment knobs, rebound is only adjustable if the top of the piston rod is accessible. This will depend on the design of the vehicle.

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Weight 50.20 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 6 in


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